A Damn Fine Waterfall

Journey out to Snoqualmie Falls was 30 years in the making.

4 years ago

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About 30ish years ago a TV show called Twin Peaks aired. It was weird and hauntingly beautiful. It was not actually filmed in Twin Peaks as that place is purely fictional. Many parts of it, however, were filmed in and around Snoqualmie. Its iconic waterfall was used as the backdrop for the Twin Peaks lodge.

I've always wanted to see it. I have a affinity for waterfalls. Iceland, a country filled with waterfalls, was a place I had a hard time tearing myself from. So here I am, an hour away from a very iconic waterfall, and I've never been. So this past Friday, we decided to take the journey out to Snoqualmie and take in the beauty of the waterfall there.

The owls are not what they seem

Getting out there was fairly straight foreward. From Tacoma just take the 5 till you reach SR18 to Auburn and basically stay on the 18 until you cannot go any further on it. SR18 becomes Snoqualmie Parkway and takes you through a quiet nook of a town that I would qualify as a suburb of Seattle. Much of the town seems recently built - modern with an alpine style. It has spectacular views of the surounding coutryside all full of mountain ranges and a lush green carpet of forests as far as you can see. After seeing the views, I can see why people would move out here.

After a few minutes of driving through town, Snoqualmie Parkway ends at Railroad Ave. Here make a left and just follow the signs untill you see the Lodge!

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present

The falls were worth every moment it took to get there, not just the hour, but the 30 years after first seeing them on TV. Not the tallest falls I've ever been to, nor the most dramatic, but just picturesque. Probably why Lynch filmed out and around here.

Snoqualmie Falls and Lodge.

Having the full view of the falls, the Lodge nestled next to it, and the landscape of an alpine mountain range were just a dream.

This, clearly, was a present for the day, if not for a lifetime.

Tracy Parks

Published 4 years ago